Ditch the real world for a virtual one at Blue Wall Virtual Reality (VR), a new business that allows customers to try the latest high-end VR technology. At Blue Wall VR, walking a plank over 500 feet in the air, escaping from an insane asylum or fighting off hordes of zombies is all in a day’s fun. My group’s 30 minute-session flew by as we tried game after game.

I discovered Blue Wall VR last weekend as my husband, a friend and I made our way back home from an adult Easter egg hunt at a local winery. Still in the mood for childlike games, we strolled into the Castleton-area business out of pure curiosity. We were pleased by the affordable pricing and blown away by the experience. 

With a computer, a headset and hand controllers, VR allows users to walk around and explore a computer-generated virtual space that feels more real than one would think.

My first and favorite game was  “Richie’s Plank Experience,” which allowed me to venture to the top floor of a skyscraper and walk a small wooden plank placed 80 stories above the ground. While I knew the experience was mind over matter, it felt real enough that I was unable to bring myself to jump off the plank. My husband, braver than I, leapt from the building’s heights. He expressed that falling tricked his mind into thinking his feet were being sucked into the floor. My friend screamed when I sneaked up behind her and tapped her shoulder while she crept across the plank. 

I also tried a game the felt somewhat like a spooky escape room. After securing my headset, I woke up in an insane asylum and had to escape before a killer caught up with me. As I explored the inside of the asylum and the gated exterior, the sun began to set and the day drew darker. I managed to find the keys to an abandoned vehicle before the killer caught me and I realized it was game over. 

After we left, my husband expressed a need to bring his two middle-school aged siblings to Blue Wall VR, as the venue seems perfect for birthday parties for the young and young at heart. A 15-minute session at Blue Wall VR costs only $10, a half hour costs $20 and a full hour goes for $35. What’s better is you are paying per controller rather per person, so you are free to share one system with members of your party. While walk-ins are welcome, attendees are encouraged to book their adventure at bluewallvr.com.

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