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One of the things that has really helped me manage stress this past year has been going to yoga classes. I know that “mindfulness” has been a bit of a buzzword the last couple of years, but I don’t think I ever quite understood what it meant until this past year. For me, mindfulness is this idea of freezing each moment and examining it from all angles.

I am definitely  a beginner with this and am actively reading and learning more, but yoga has helped me improve my mindfulness. And, it has helped me with movement and posture and sleep and feeling grounded in the midst of a very busy lifestyle. I have tried many yoga studios in the nine years that I have lived in Indianapolis, but I am sharing the three studios that I keep going back to over and over again. I adore the owners and their missions to help the people of Indianapolis and beyond reach their wellness goals.

1. Embarque, SoBro

Embarque is this cozy “urban sanctuary” that is conveniently located a block away from my house. I started attending classes here because of the focus on supported, restorative body work. I’ve learned so much about how to use props and how to adapt poses to work for my body. I really enjoy the evening classes that help regulate my breathing and get rid of any lingering tension before going to bed. Alyssa, the owner, leads by example through regularly sharing about her own wellness journey and offering a variety of tools, such as retreats with horses, Thai massage, and energy healing to help find the right fit for everyone.

2. Breathing Space, NorthEast

Breathing Space has this amazing concept of “paying what you can” for classes. I LOVE this idea of paying for classes by donation and believe that it makes yoga accessible for so many people who might not be able to afford it. As a full time student, yoga is definitely a luxury, but the customizable pricing has made it possible for me to attend many classes throughout my time in school. The studio has a huge range of class options ranging from basic beginner options to advanced flow classes. Kelsey, the owner, has met just about every member of my family by now because my sister and I love to introduce yoga to our visiting guests.

3. Blooming Life Yoga, Zionsville

Blooming Life is SO warm and cozy and I feel as if I’ve taken a little tropical retreat every time that I enter the doors. Because it’s a bit of a drive to get there, I usually go to Blooming Life for special events, such as couples yoga classes, MLK peace days, or Valentine’s sips and sweets parties. Lily, the founder, seems to always remember me, even if I only go a couple times a year and I often wish that I lived in Zionsville just so I could be part of the beautiful yoga community that seems to be thriving there.

Now you know my favorite yoga studios in Indianapolis. Each studio has their own version of discounts for new students, so be sure to check them out.

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