I haven’t posted to my blog some time.

After a surprise pregnancy, a miscarriage with complications that sent me to the ER twice, and two months of my skin breaking out in extreme hives while my hands and feet swelled up, I wasn’t in the blogging mood.  I’m okay, but I needed to take some time to myself to heal up both physically and mentally without worrying about keeping up with self-imposed projects outside of my full-time job.

Now that all of those issues are in the past, I want to reevaluate the direction of my little blog. I started this blog because I love the arts and the humanities, and I wanted to motivate myself to get out and explore the exciting things happening in my city. That is still true, but I think a blog would be stronger if I focused in on a specific topic.

I am in a writing group on Facebook called Black Girls Belong in Fantasy and Science Fiction Writers Society (You can read this article I wrote for blackgirlnerds.com about the group here) and I have been blown away by the creative stories that indie authors are telling. I have a desire to start a book blog to motivate myself to dive into these stories, and to help others find interesting stories by writers of color.

I am going to keep Heartbeat Indy around as  there are plenty of exciting things taking place in Indy that I will be motivated to cover. I will be posting here when I am inspired to post.